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"When the company’s goal is excellence, the Customers are the ones who benefit."




Providing Solutions

  • EST is committed to quality as a differentiating feature of its products.
  • We invest in the innovation of our services that respond to the demand of the markets.
  • The competence of our teams is enhanced by the satisfaction of our customers.


I already thank and congratulate you all, in person, for your excellent work, but I want to register such compliment.In my name and SIEMENS, to all employees involved in EST complex replacement of Electrical E2 Board, a big thank you for your great professionalism

Thank You


José Alexandre Fernandes
Siemens S.A

"Many thanks to EST for the support given to our students in the scope of good social responsibility practices.
It is a privilege to count on the partnership of leading companies which accompany or students’ training and integration into the labour market from day one." 

ESTG (Escola Superior de Tecnologia e Gestão de Leiria)

"EST is our loyal partner and EST is with us all over Europe, always meeting the stipulated deadlines. "

Bart Dhulster
SKT | Belgium

"Valmet’s experience in small and big projects with EST have been successful projects. Work quality and specially people’s commitment to work has been excellent. EST has been and will be one of Valmet’s top partners for E&I installation works in Europe. Valmet sees bright future for EST."

Markku Niska
Valmet Technologies, inc | Finland

"EST is one of the best examples of excellence of Portuguese companies. Professionalism, technical ability and customer support are some of the aspects that prompt KE & C to consider EST as one of its strategic partners."

Hugo Paes
KE&C | Portugal

"Since KPMG Uruguay we are grateful to have accompanied your company's project in our country. It is with great pleasure that we say you have been very professional in your management in our country. We are aware that the project in Montes del Plata in Uruguay was not an easy project, but through enormous effort from your company and have provided an excellent service."

Nicolas Ramos
KPMG | Uruguay

"EST guarantees the quality and excellence in the services provided."

Josino Pacavira
CLOD | Angola

"EST SA is a company with a global vision of the market. Anticipating the economic crisis, it has had a significant and remarkable growth. I wish it will keep this growth and prosper."

Paulo Alexandre Lopes
ESTPOR Partner | Angola

"Having professionally grown up in EST, having the opportunity, over the more than 20 years, to develop the department of Automation, Robotics and Systems, doing what I like, as I like and belonging to this great team has been for me not just a matter of professional achievement, but also a privilege of which I am very proud."

Claudio Costa
Manager of the Department of Automation, Robotics and Systems - EST Group

"I am very pleased to inform you that today on the 14/08/2014 at 16:00 was pressed the first plate in the new melamine line installed in Oliveira do Hospital. This task is essentially due to your commitment, collaboration and professionalism in meeting deadlines and the effort to overcome the challenges. On behalf of Sonae Industria of Oliveira do Hospital our thanks to the entire team that worked on this project."

Sonae Industria
Manuel Correia
Automation & Control

"In EST each project is a new challenge which requires us to learn more and more to implement the best solution. Even when one of us is alone in a foreign country, one’s difficulties and decisions are supported and encouraged by a family of experts who are always available."

Nuno Ventura
Automation and Systems Programmer - EST Group

"It’s not easy to describe in a sentence so many moments. But I think the phrase that best fits is that it has been 25 years full of challenges, learning, growth and good friends."

Jorge Lisboa
Responsible - EST Group

"How to define EST

It’s not easy, in the good sense, because there are so many words that define EST. Friendship, companionship, innovation, development and progress are words that go side-by-side. It is a great pride to work for this company. "

Rui Maria
Electrician - EST Group

"Over these 25 years, more than a job EST has become a great family that I can count on the professional and personal level. I have huge admiration for Mr. Mario Rodrigues, his daughters Ana (Carolina) and Tânia, and his wife Lina Rodrigues. EST is the best company to work for, with an extraordinary environment provided by management and colleagues."

Hélio Santos
Locksmith - EST Group

"I consider EST like CPT sister company because we work together for a long time the same way of quality, reliability and extensive experience. We both provide best quality engineers and technicians worldwide for professional assistance to reach the entire Client satisfaction."

Hervé Suarez – Site Services Department Manager 
Claudius Peters Technologies SAS

"I take this opportunity to express our satisfaction with the quality of the service provided and to transversely praise the attitude and professionalism of your team."

Rui Nunes Nascimento 
Social Centre of Carnide
Technical Team

"It’s been 15 years since CPTSAS and EST’s pathways met. Since then, we rely on EST for executing several works, which alone reveals the confidence we have in EST and in the quality of works of its teams. In addition to the professional element, I also value the quality of the people in the company. I wish EST good luck for the continuation of its work."

Christophe Valdenaire
Claudius Peters Technologies SA | France

"Mr. João Outeiro has been working for us, Andritz AG as a Site Electrical Manager representing EST S.A. for 23 months on Värtaverket construction site in Stockholm. He is an excellent coordinator, very reliable and he executed his duties according to applicable site safety rules and regulations.
I do not hesitate to recommend him for similar positions.

Santha David
Site HSE Manager - Andritz AG

"Fortum seems to be very satisfied with the quality how the job is done.
Thank you very much!

Andritz AG

"I hereby come on behalf of the BWA to thank the excellent work done so far in projects: Hipergest, Kero New Life and Xiami do Lubango.The team spirit between BWA and EST allowed complying with deadlines and led to an engineering solution that can be used in multiple applications."

"We thank your availability and contribution to bring this matter to a successful conclusion."



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