est concerns regarding environmental issues led to the creation of a working team to enhance the profitability of existing resources, the savings committee. In response, this team presented the project "Est is Green."

In summary, the Project will be implemented according to an annual calendar of activities, each month corresponding to a specific theme, with the aim of providing a better environment, coupled with a reduction in costs. The value of the reduction achieved will be invested in new equipment that provides energetic and environmental benefits. At the end of the year, "est is Green" will be revised and enhanced on behalf of the environment.

Thus, the project aim in 2010 is a 10% reduction in the items:

  • electricity (lighting, air conditioning, computer equipment), fuel (diesel)
  • office supplies (paper and consumables), waste (organic, paper, metal, light bulbs and electronics)
  • waste / management of the materials used in construction.

We want this project to contribute to a better Environment, starting with est environment, improving the working conditions of employees and creating a community "Est is Green”, reaching the external entities.

The project "est is Green" is a very important platform in the relationship with the community where it is inserted. In this particular aspect we intend to develop measures to promote alternative energy, such as the "Book of Good Environmental Practices" which will be prepared and distributed at schools and kindergartens in the region. The actions/events to take place aimed at the employees and their families will also be used for spreading the need to promote the conservation of natural resources that surround us, in order to ensure the future of our children. We hope to contribute in changing the community's habits, improving their understanding for the aspects of nature conservation.

Est is green, the better environment for everyone!

EST,following its policy of social responsibility, intends to grant annually two scholarships to students from the Polytechnic Institute of Leiria.

The project, still in the process of defining criteria for the selection and implementation, aims to give to those most in need, an opportunity to achieve a degree.

Committed to practice a responsible citizenship, EST has increasingly sought to assume a conscious social, ethical and environmental posture.

Thus, we seek to interact with the surrounding community by joining various organizations that develop projects in this area.