Robotic cell for plastic packaging palletizing

EST was the chosen company by SIE – Sociedade International de Embalagens (International Society of Packaging) as a partner for a robotic palletizing cell design and supply. The proposed palletizing solution includes a KUKA Robot with 180Kg load capacity, as well as all the transport and driving mechanical equipment and an automatic warehouse.

The solution also includes the mechanical, electrical and automation and supervision design. SIE – Sociedade International de Embalagens, is a company based in Leiria which dedicates its activity to the development and production of plastic packaging. In the new millennium, SIE diversified its activity also producing articles intended for road signs, being a national reference of excellence with extensive experience in the blow technology. Thus, following the tradition of innovation and cutting-edge automation featuring SIE, that gives again a step forward in its own technological development, integrating industrial robotics solutions on the production process.