Plant Automation for Chemical Handling Process

  •  Plant: Kermanshah Petrochemical (KPIC)
  •  Client: Claudius Peters Technologies, SA (CPTSA)
  •  Country: Iran
  •  Industry: Chemical - Fertilizers
  •  Fabrication: 2004 (2 months)
  •  Commissioning: 2007/2008 (5 months)
  •  Services: Project, Fabrication, Factory Tests, Commissioning
  •  Products: Programmable Controllers, SCADA, I/Os, Networks & Communications, Motor Control, Safety

Following demands Iranian market, KPIC built a new plant in Kermanshah, west Iran, to produce ammonia and urea fertilizers. This plant represents an investment of about US$340millions with a production day capacity of 1200 tones of ammonia and 2000 tones of urea granulated.

Global Solution

CPTSA, specialists and turnkey suppliers of material handling systems for cement and chemical industries, contract EST to project and implement Plant Automation solution for the handling system for this plant. This handling system is composed by the Control Room, the Storage area (2 Reclaimers and 2 Tripper cars), the Screening tower, the bagging Hopers (with a feeding Shuttle), 7 bagging lines and several conveyors.

Technical Solution

This project was implemented with a Siemens redundant solution for plant automation. For machine automation, motor control and drives, also Siemens equipments where used:
  • 1 PLC S7-414H with CP443-1 and CP443-5 Extended;
  • 2 Y Link IM157, 2 Remote IOs ET200M IM153-2, 3 Remote IOs ET200M IM153-1;
  • About 800 digital and analog IOs;
  • 3 Industrial PCs for 2 Operating stations and 1 Engineering Station;
  • 3 Citect SCADA Licenses, working in redundancy;
  • Profibus for field devices communications;
  • Ethernet for communication with SCADA;
  • Remote command and supervision, by the main PLC over Profibus, of the 2 Reclaimers (S7-315 2DP) and the 7 bagging lines (S7-314 with CP443-5);


Global and complete automation handling system, flexible and easy to upgrade and/or update. Operation and maintenance reports.