Automatic System to Manipulate and Remove Stamps in Bottles

SOLBEL - Lisboa

  •  Plant: SOLBEL - Lisboa
  •  Client: Tecno2004
  •  Country: Portugal
  •  Industry: Feeds - Drinks
  •  Fabrication: 2012 (3 months)
  •  Commissioning: 2012 (10 days)
  •  Services: Project, Fabrication, Factory Tests, Commissioning
  •  Products: ABB Robot, IOs, Electrical Motors Protection and Command, Variable Speed Drives, Safety

SOLBEL it’s a company with business in drinks commercialization of national and international brands, which some percentage are to export to foreign countries. In this way, for international drink brands that are exported, the Portuguese Costums stamp have to be remove from the bottles before export it.

Global Solution

Tecno2004 company, knowing SOLBEL’s need, launch the challenge to EST, to project and implement in partnership, one system capable to manipulate and remove, automatically, the costums stamps in different kind of bottles. Tecno2004 had the task to implement the machine to remove de bottles stamps and the conveyors. EST had the task to implement te bottles manipulation and the automatic command of the several equipment that are parte of the system.

Technical Solution

This solution was implemented with the following equipments:
  • 1 ABB robot IRB 2600 (IRC5 controller, 32 IOs);
  • 1 HMI (implemented in the robot touch screen console);
  • 1 Tool (Gripper) to manipulate the different kinds of bottles;
  • 1 Machine to remove the bottles stamps, 2 conveyors and 1 rotary table to receive the bottles with the stamp already removed.

All the system’s equipment's (tool, conveyors, removing stamps machine, signalization, etc.), are controlled by the robot, using its IO boards, mounted on its controller. The operator chooses, on the robot console, the bottle type and the system auto-adjusts the several parameters. When bottles are detected in the inlet conveyor, the robot take the bottles (4 each time) to the removing stamps machine and after removing the stamp the bottles are placed in the outlet conveyor. The system can process until 1200 bottles per hour.


Production capacity increased at the same time the number of operators was reduced.